Sad news - passing of Jeff LaRue

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  • subdude
    Official Peon
    • Feb 2003
    • 664

    Sad news - passing of Jeff LaRue

    My friends, there is no good way to bring this news to you.* I am sorry to have to tell you that Jeff LaRue passed away this morning at his home in Crownsville, MD.* Jeff had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer about 2 weeks ago, and was scheduled to begin chemotherapy this coming Monday.
    Jeff is survived by his wife of many years, Janet.*

    There are no plans for a funeral at this time due to the virus scare, but there will be a memorial service at some point in the future.

    Jeff's obituary may be found at:

    If you wish to send condolences or a card, the address is:

    Mrs. Janet Bobb
    920 Indian Creek Dr.
    Crownsville, MD.* 21032

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  • sam reichart
    Past President
    • Feb 2003
    • 1299

    I am absolutely stunned at this news. What a tremendous loss; he was a great guy, and a great modeler.
    My condolences to Janet and family.


    • corsairman
      • Nov 2008
      • 33

      What a shock. Jeff was a great guy and he loved the hobby of model submarines our hobby will surely miss him. My condolences to Janet and family

      Ken Griffin


      • QuarterMaster
        No one
        • Jul 2003
        • 607

        Sailor, rest your oar
        When your final dive is made, and your battery's running low,
        You'll know there lies a boat for you many fathoms here below,
        With your annunciators jammed on full and your depth guage needles bent,
        Your accumulator's dry of oil and your air banks all are spent,
        It's then you get to wonderin', "is my life's boat rigged for dive?"
        Your guessing drill commences, "am i dead or still alive?"
        You pace the flooded decks with scorn and curse the flaws of man.
        Into realms of rex you've stepped, and here you'll make your stand.
        To live your life, as sailors must, at the bottom of the sea.
        There's one you'll have to reckon-that one, my friend, is thee.
        Will your conscience do you justice when the final muster's in?
        Did you lead the kind of life you should in every port you've been?
        The answers to these questions and many, many more,
        Are locked in the hearts of sailormen from cannes to singapore.
        So, when your day for mast rolls 'round. the choice is up to you,
        Sailor chart your course of life right now. chart it straight and true.
        Now's the time to flood your tanks and trim up 'fore and aft.
        It's a trifle late when the klaxon sounds to square away your craft.
        Your final billet lies below, on "old ocean's" floor.
        So, be ready when that last word's passed.

        Sailor, rest your oar!
        v/r "Sub" Ed

        Silent Service "Cold War" Veteran (The good years!)
        NEVER underestimate the power of a Sailor who served aboard a submarine.


        • Parallax
          SubCommittee Member
          • Aug 2017
          • 195

          I'm having a hard time taking this news in. Jeff was incredibly generous with his advice and expertise, with a wonderful sense of humor. Jeff helped me out so much getting our sub to work so my Dad could enjoy it. He had offered so many times for me to come by, I wish I had gone to visit him more. He was truly a good person, I think in a time when truly good people are getting harder to find.


          • dono
            SubCommittee Member
            • Feb 2003
            • 1244

            Patti and I are having trouble believing that we have lost such a good and talented friend as well as such a dedicated contributor to the Subcommittee. He will truly be missed by those who knew him. Our sincere condolences go out to his wife.


            • sam reichart
              Past President
              • Feb 2003
              • 1299

              I just talked to Jeff about a month ago; right after my mom passed away, and we were going to try to get together here at my house again.
              I am absolutely stunned by this news.


              • feet wet
                • Mar 2003
                • 210

                This devastating news. Jeff was an amazing modeler, but more so, he was a gentleman. I distinctly remember my first regatta and being in awe over his Type VII. He definitely inspired me. He was always there with a calm reasonable answer to questions, especially from neophytes like myself. Our community just got a lot smaller. He wore big shoes that always made an strong impression. Fair winds and smooth seas to you Jeff.


                • bob_eissler
                  SubCommittee Member
                  • Aug 2005
                  • 331

                  Very sorry to hear this. He was a big contributor to the subcommittee and will be greatly missed.


                  • salmon
                    • Jul 2011
                    • 2304

                    Like many of you have said, I find it hard to believe. I almost expect to see a just kidding posted. We lost a great one way too soon. My prayers go out to Janet and all those that knew Jeff. May a peace beyond understanding all impacted by this news.
                    If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


                    • PaulC
                      • Feb 2003
                      • 1542

                      Truly shocked and profoundly saddened. Jeff's contributions to the SubCommittee date back to the 90's. He was such a pleasure to work with. Praying for Janet.
                      Warm regards,

                      Paul Crozier


                      • eckloss
                        SubCommittee Member
                        • Nov 2003
                        • 1196

                        My favorite picture of Jeff, taken at a SubCommEast fun run many years ago, looking as if he is praying the the Sub Gods. May they watch over him....

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                        • jure george
                          • Jul 2005
                          • 355

                          What a Sad day indeed.
                          Any time I had posted any sub related questions he was quick to reply. He was ALWAYS willing to help out. He was NEVER full of himself. Again my thoughts and prayers to his family.


                          • jefftytoo
                            SubCommittee Member
                            • Mar 2003
                            • 916

                            I am shocked and saddened beyond words. My heart goes out to Janet—actually to all of us who will feel this profound loss.


                            • Joe D
                              SubCommittee Member
                              • Oct 2017
                              • 34

                              I am saddened by his passing. I’ve only known Jeff for a short number of years but i will miss him dearly. My sincere condolences to his family.