Is there a way to make a correction to a post?

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  • don prince
    SubCommittee Member
    • Feb 2003
    • 201

    Is there a way to make a correction to a post?

    Hello All,

    I'm not the best typist -sort of hunt and peck while looking at the keyboard. If I look up at the computer screen, then who knows what keys I'm pressing. I'm 76 years old, and no amount of typing lessons will make any difference - that U-Boat has already sunk to crush depth! Is there a possibility to have an option to edit a post?

    Kind Regards,
    A man's gotta know his limitations...
    Harry Callahan, SFPD
  • PaulC
    • Feb 2003
    • 1542


    If I recall, you have the option to edit but it is a timed window that starts after the initial posting. I want to say its 5 minutes.
    Warm regards,

    Paul Crozier


    • JWLaRue
      Managing Editor, SubCommittee Report
      • Aug 1994
      • 4281

      Thanks for the reminder, Paul! ...I just checked the forum settings. We currently have the edit window for paid SubCommittee members set to 1 day. If I recall correctly, the default was 5 minutes.

      Rohr 1.....Los!