SC Initiatives - January 2022

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  • bob the builder
    Former SC President
    • Feb 2003
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    SC Initiatives - January 2022

    Good day, everyone!

    I wanted to take a moment and offer an update in terms of where we are at with the host of tasks we set ourselves for the first 12 months of leadership under the new Executive Committee.

    Like most things slated for development with a team of volunteers with full-time jobs, family and other commitments, these items have not progressed as quickly as we would all have hoped for. I can only blame myself as elected President and the one who should be driving these initiatives forward. I could cite my recent surgeries as well as my home and shop move, but at the end of the day, those are excuses and not worth much more than the digital paper they're printed on.*

    Despite a lack of public-facing advancements, things have been progressing behind the scenes. The forum upgrade is a monumental task and we are within a week or so of trying for the live update to bring them up to date (which, by the way, involves multiple upgrades to bring them through several versions of VBulletin to today's current standards). This will also involve a complete re-organization to bring things more in line with the layout of the SCR and to make it far easier and more intuitive to browse (thanks to our vice president for taking the time to lay out that matrix for us). The new website is also 95% complete and nearly ready for launch. The last things on the list before that happens is finalizing membership perks and levels. We have a few excellent branded SubCommittee promotional items sourced, ordered and now in inventory.*

    So... progress, though not as much as we all might have hoped for. Now that the holidays are over, a new year begun, and no impending catastrophes*on the radar (yet), I'm hoping that progress will be faster. Certainly communication from myself and the rest of the EC will be more regular.*

    If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to reach out at any time.*

    Best regards,*

    Bob MartinPresident - SubCommittee
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