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  • greg w
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    • Mar 2010
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    picture posting question

    some of my pictures seem to be getting rotated when I try to post them. Not all of them just some. What I am doing is as follows. I take a picture on my I phone and e mail it to myself to open it on my pc. After downloading on to my pc the pictures are still correct. I am then creating my post and inserting the pictures into the post. When I preview the post some of them get turned. I have even tried to open them on my pc and save them rotated to try to adjust but they still get turned.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0806.JPG
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    as original
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0806r.JPG
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    pre turned 90 degrees clockwise
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0807.jpg
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    as taken.
    The only thing different is the camera was turned verticle in the first example but was horizontal in the bottom picture. Any ideas?
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  • Ralph --- SSBN 598
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    • Oct 2012
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    A few years back and on another forum, I had the same issues.
    I took the time to do tests to see when the photos rotated.

    Turned out the forum software was thinking on it's own and turning photos it thought should be orientated differently.

    This did not happen when I wrote the post and posted it.
    It only happened when I did a preview before posting it.
    I stopped doing the preview and things went well.

    When I posted an image that was the wrong image, I would do and edit to my post and replace the incorrect image.

    The issue you are describing, I would not do a preview and just post it and then edit to correct.

    Can't hurt to try.


    • crueby
      • May 2015
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      Many cameras have a rotation sensor and store that info in the header of the file in the metadata section. Some websites and some apps look at that to decide how to show it, some don't, so in some places it comes out wrong. If you open it in an app like photoshop or paintshoppro you can select an advanced options menu when saving and tell it not to save the metadata or exif header info from the camera. If you dont have that option, try saving to a format other than jpeg or tiff, those both save that info. Try png or bmp. Nothing magic, just hidden data that not all apps use, though they are supposed to if they claim to support that file format.