Call for volunteers - IPMS booth, Omaha Nebraska, July 20 to 23, 2022

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  • bob the builder
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    • Feb 2003
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    Call for volunteers - IPMS booth, Omaha Nebraska, July 20 to 23, 2022

    Good day all,

    Your executive team has put in place a policy for future marketing events such as shows and exhibitions. First option for any event is to solicit local quality representation for the organization at the lowest cost possible. This is not just warm bodies, but people who feel and are felt to be able to represent the SubCommittee in a professional, energetic and courteous manner. If that does not pan out, volunteers are solicited to travel to the event. Costs will be compensated and taken from the annual budget.

    Obviously, if we cannot source local volunteers, we have to pay to send people there, which affects future opportunities for the organization. Now is your chance to step up to grow the hobby and help the SubCommittee.

    We need at least two volunteers to man the SubCommittee booth at the IPMS meeting in Omaha Nebraska from July 20 to 23rd. You will be responsible for setting up the booth, per the organization's instructions, manning the booth during show hours, representing the organization at the event, then tearing down the booth when everything is done.

    Please either post up your interest here, or send an email to We would absolutely LOVE to hear from you!

    Thanks, everyone, for your interest and your help.

    Bob Martin
    President - SubCommittee
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