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  • jim smith
    • Dec 2006
    • 98

    SRC Download

    Since the website upgrade, I get a 404 PAGE NOT FOUND error when I try to download the issue
  • bob the builder
    Former SC President
    • Feb 2003
    • 1364

    Where are you trying to download from?

    All SCR issues are now on the SubCommittee WEBSITE, not here on the FORUMS (there is a difference and they are two completely different platforms). SubCommittee members with active membership need to go to the website, log in and then you can look under the "members only" area for the SCR download page.

    I just re-checked the link and it's working perfectly for me.

    Here it is for easy navigation:

    The Nautilus Drydocks - Exceptional Products for the World of R/C Submarines -