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SubRonLA Fun Run postponed again

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  • SubRonLA Fun Run postponed again

    Okay, sorry guys, but it’s raining all day with a high likelihood of more tomorrow. Maybe not 100% like the last time we cancelled, but I’m calling off our official run anyway. The boats may enjoy getting wet, but as a rule the skippers don’t: it’s no fun prepping and packing and driving a long way only to suddenly have to pack up and go home again. (Especially for our brand new member, Howard, who’d be joining us from Burbank: it’d be nice to give him a welcome aboard with our usual good weather.) Should any of you want to risk running tomorrow anyway, more power to you—I hope you have great fun. But personally, I’m giving it a pass.

    I’m now setting our NEXT OFFICIAL RUN for Saturday, MARCH 25…and hoping by then the “atmospheric rivers” will be done with us for awhile.

    Green Board,