Project 685 Mike class Komosomolts

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  • wayne frey
    Junior Member
    • Aug 2003
    • 925

    Project 685 Mike class Komosomolts

    A unique submarine lost to an infamous tradgy. It was designed as an attack boat, heavily armed, and TWICE the diving depth of boats of that time.

    Anyone with new or larger pictures, please contact me. And post them here, of course.
  • tom dougherty
    Senior Member
    • Jul 2005
    • 1354

    Project 658 (Mike class) Komsomolets

    Project 658 (Mike class) Komsomolets (K-278). Maximum operating depth 1000 meters (3280 feet) using a hull built of 48-T titanium alloy. One pressurized water reactor of 43,000 SHP, yielding 30 kts submerged speed. Operations began in Aug. 1984. On April 7, 1989, fire broke out in rearmost compartment and spread throughout the ship. Submarine surfaced, but conditions and poor training led to loss of life (42 killed out of 64 on board). Submarine sank in Norwegian Sea.

    Schematic diagram: