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The Pink Ribbon Permit: A fully RTR RC submarine in support of cancer research

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  • The Pink Ribbon Permit: A fully RTR RC submarine in support of cancer research

    The Pink Ribbon Permit

    In early 2019, I was diagnosed with cancer of the appendix. Fortunately for me, I had exceptional doctors and we were able to address the cancer through surgery and I did not require chemotherapy. Almost exactly a year ago, they found another small cluster of cancer cells and those, too, were removed surgically. That said, I am intimately familiar with the effect that cancer can have on a person and their family.

    In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Nautilus Drydocks has created a special RC submarine, fondly nicknamed "The Pink Ribbon Permit".

    It seems as though this boat was fated for this purpose, as it found it's way here already in her pink livery. The original intent was, perhaps, to create a modern twist on "Operation Petticoat", a movie from 1959.

    Now fully built, tested, trimmed and ready for her new owner, the Pink Ribbon Permit features a 1/72 scale fiberglass hull, 75mhz 6-channel radio system, D&E 3.5" diameter gas ballast WTC, and 12V SLA battery. It comes outfitted with loss of signal failsafe as well as automatic pitch control.

    We will be making this a special sale by offering the boat through silent auction. By submitting your generous bid, you not only get the opportunity to own a terrific and exceptionally fun RC submarine, but you will be supporting cancer research as well.

    For more information and to register your bid, please visit the Pink Ribbon Permit webpage here:

    Pink Ribbon Permit

    This is a silent auction, so you won't know who is the highest bidder until the auction finishes on Friday, October 28th. Winner will be notified by email and/or phone. Bids are binding and the winner must pay within 5 business days or the boat will go to the next highest bidder. As you won't know who is highest, bid early and bid high!

    To support the breast cancer initiative, we will be donating 30% of the final sale price of this boat to the American Cancer Society.

    Want to see what you're getting? Check out the video of the overview of the boat and see it in action here:

    Thank you for your generous support!
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    I love it! My wife was diagnosed with triple negative stage 3 breast cancer years ago, did the chemo, radiation, double mastectomy, they checked her lymph nodes and determined it was gone! then at the start of this year "2022" she had some pain and we found out its back with a vengeance. Its now stage 4 and traveled to many organs including lungs, spine, and brain. Being shes 37 it's a rough journey for her and our family, so I understand it man. She's a fighter and our village has been strong and helpful. So thank you for doing this!

    As some of you might remember I have been lurking here watching for a submarine to buy for quite a few years. I think I found one! Bad timing of course, but I will have to put a bid in on this one even if it means selling of my other RC "stuff", and yes, of course it would stay PINK PINK PINK! and hopefully anyone who wins it keeps it that way as well.

    Awesome Bob, I love the sub, I love your enthusiasm, and your generosity. Thank you!

    Jen Kositzky's Benefit Fund. 550 likes. We are raising money to help Jen Kositzky fight her battle against cancer. Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming benefit for Jen's Journey!


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      T-minus 10 days to announcing the winner!

      Not only is this an amazingly fun boat to operate, but it will absolutely get more attention at the pond than ANY other boat there, guaranteed. PLUS, you will be supporting an amazing cause...
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