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Final list of Erich's stuff. WTC's!

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  • Final list of Erich's stuff. WTC's!

    This is the sale list of WTC's retrieved from Erich's house. I make absolutely no guarantees or promises as to operating condition, leaks, electronics, etc. I can tell you that anything marked NEW is in fact absolutely brand spanking new, probably still in the packaging. Others should be taken as a starting point, with the likelihood of needing to replace seals, o rings, etc. As you will see, some have servos, ESC's, etc installed. I would assume that they are functional, but cannot guarantee it.

    In this go-round I have put pricing on the items. I feel that they're priced fairly, but if you disagree and want to float an offer, please do so. I won't be offended unless you're really trying to pull a fast one. If you have any questions, or want more photos, please let me know.

    I can ship on your dime (Including packaging at UPS), deliver to Carmel, possibly deliver to the Sept. Rochester fun run, etc. Local pickup in New Freedom, PA is always welcome.

    Descriptions and prices are below. There are pics of all the WTC's in the album linked here;

    Please, please PLEASE!!!! DO NOT reply here, or PM me. All communication to be thru email. My email is: YES, the word "email" is part of the address.

    As always, thanks for helping out and supporting Erich's family. 100% of money raised goes straight to his mom.


    WTC’s for sale:

    1. SOLD - Dave

    2. SOLD - Mike

    3. SOLD - Steve

    4. SOLD

    5. SOLD - Dave

    6. SOLD - Bob

    7. SOLD - Bob

    8. SOLD - Bob

    9. SOLD - Ernie

    10. SubDriver, 2. dia x 20.5 long, BRAND NEW $400

    11. SOLD - Matt

    12. SOLD - Ernie

    13. SOLD - Ernie

    14. SOLD - Ernie

    15. SOLD - Pat

    16. SOLD - Bob E

    17. SubDriver ballast tank only, 3.5 dia x 10.5 long, missing end cap, snort, has feet. USED $150

    18. SOLD - Dave H

    19. SubDriver control cylinder only, 3 dia x 13 long, 2 motors. NEW $200

    20. SubDriver control cylinder only, 2.5 dia x 13 long, 2 motors. NEW $200

    21. DM3? 3 dia x 22.5 long ballast tank only, no end caps. USED $150
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