Tour of my USS SHARK SSN-591 Mod IV with Jeti Radio System

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    Tour of my USS SHARK SSN-591 Mod IV with Jeti Radio System

    Bob Martin's son, Logan, was kind enough to interview me regarding my latest 2.4Ghz Radio Setup at our SubComLone*Star event this past weekend. I plan to eventually do an in-depth report on installation and setup .

    Here is my 1:48 Scale DeBoer SKIPJACK Class USS SHARK SSN-591 Mod IV.

    I've had this boat since '94 and hit has seen no less than 4 refits.

    The latest Refit now incorporates the JETI brand REX7 "ASSIST" receiver.

    She no longer needs a separate Fail Safe (Subtech "SubSafe", ND's "Battery Link Monitor", etc) or an Automatic Pitch Controller (SubTech APC-x, ND's AD2, Engel "SPC2", etc) as these functions are now exclusively controlled by the REX7 "ASSIST" receiver.

    Yes, the REX 7 is on the order of $155USD, but:
    A-You no longer have the expense of a Fail Safe and Pitch Controller.
    B-You no longer have the complexity of added components and wire harnessing. (Trouble shooting, fault mitigation)
    C-More room in your watertight container of choice.
    D-I can control the gain of the pitch control remotely to match different speeds, even turn it off if desired. (Surface running)

    Like I say in the video, this NOT for your average guy, but a boon for us 21st Century tinkering Boomers who like to run circles around Millennials.
    I got the TX for about $700USD on EBay (Thank you Steve O'Connell for providing that link). Best investment ever. FWIW, cost and what your willing to spend is a personal choice, I could not care less what you spend or your preference.

    To quote Elon Musk, "The best part is no part."

    Less equipment, less headaches.

    This is the Telemetry I had before with the Radiolink AT10
    1-RSSI Strength (regardless of antenna)
    2-Roll pitch, yaw (seeing the actual pitch is great to set submerged trim)
    3-RX Voltage
    4-Main Battery Voltage

    The Jeti system has that plus....
    A- Antenna 1 & 2 strength (I see Home drop to zero when I dive)
    B-Current Draw
    C-Battery Capacity (still trying to figure this one out)

    Apparently I still have more testing to do. The next major change will be to try the 900Mhz Module which automatically switches to that frequency when 2.4Ghz signal is lost. So can I go apparently go deep. (Not a fan of anyway in my usual running environment.)

    Enjoy the show...(the camera adding 10 lbs is a LIE, that's ALL me!!)

    A Detailed Interview With an RC Sub Captain - WARNING: Techy Talk Ahead!
    v/r "Sub" Ed

    Silent Service "Cold War" Veteran (The good years!)
    NEVER underestimate the power of a Sailor who served aboard a submarine.