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  • QuarterMaster
    I may be out by you later this summer. Would love to see it run live.

    Mike Dory spoke back in the day regarding running in the "brine" in San Diego, telling us "nub's" at the time how he always had to run with the antenna above the water. If I remember correctly, it was stiff, plastic coated wire used to receive the 75Mhz signal. Between that and Skip Assay's browbeating us to "Never take your eye's off the scope." allowed me to transition to 2.4Ghz like a duck to water. I can run in the ocean if I so chose. While we may no have the "brine" issue here in NY, we certainly don't have "swimming pool" clarity anyway, and the artificial ones are too small for my boats.

    Regardless, looking good!

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  • coryhenry
    started a topic Kilo out for a run

    Kilo out for a run

    I took my Kilo out to the RC Pond in Mission Bay in San Diego. It ran great but its in salt water and the buoyancy was off because its trimmed for fresh. Still fun running around the steam engines.