Now You Can Post Your Tube Videos

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  • tmsmalley
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    • Feb 2003
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    Now You Can Post Your Tube Videos

    You can now link your You Tube videos on the SubCommittee Forum just as you see below!!!

    You'll notice that there is a new button just above the message posting window called "You Tube It!" It is just to the right of the URL button.

    It is used just as you would the Img button or URL button.

    Open the You Tube video you want and click on "Share it".

    Then go to item 1 and copy the link (it looks something like

    Then come to the SubCommittee forum.

    Just click once on "YouTube It!". Then copy and paste the link you copied on You Tube. Then click the "You Tube It" button one more time.

    Voila! When you preview your message, you'll see a window like you see below. Click on the arrow to start the show! Easy as cake.

    I wish I could take all the credit for this idea, but Vice President Wayne approached me awhile ago asking why we couldn't include You Tube videos on the forum. At that time I didn't think there was a way to do it. A week or so ago, I found a site that had the code to add the You Tube It! button. I contacted Webmaster Bob and he enlisted the help of a co-worker to make this happen.

    I encourage you to put your videos on You Tube - that way there will be more RC sub videos on You Tube and more guys will be made aware of the hobby in general and the SubCommittee in particular!