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  • tmsmalley
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    • Feb 2003
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    Post your RC sub videos

    Big Dave Welch asked about the possibility of creating a special place to post our sub videos. Well, here it is!

    Here's a refresher on how to post videos on this forum. it seems a little daunting, but if you do it step by step it makes sense. after you have done a couple, you'll find its as easy as can be. Any questions - give me a shout!

    If you follow the instructions below, the first frame of the video will appear in your post. People who wish to view it, can click on the still frame and it takes them to Photobucket and plays the video nearly full frame.


    Go to

    You need to set up an account (free) so register using a username and password you can remember(!)

    Once you are set with an account - go to "My Album"

    See the "upload images and videos".

    Click on whichever one you want to upload - this will be for a video but the same steps work for still photos too. If you want to upload a video click on "and videos". Then it switches to "Upload videos (and images)"

    To upload your video - use the "browse" bar and find the video on your computer. Clik on "Open".

    Then click on "UPLOAD" and wait. Videos take awhile so be patient!

    When you get the message "VIDEO UPLOADED"

    But wait! You're not done yet.

    Scroll down and you will see a window with a still of the first frame of your video with 3 bars below it labled "URL", TAG" and IMG" like so...

    Click inside the IMG bar and the test inside it gets highlighted. Then copy that with Ctrl-C (holding down the Ctrl key on your computer and press the letter C key on your computer.)

    Then go back to the place where you are entering your message on the forum and paste what you copied by pressing Ctrl-V.

    A long string of letters beginning with [URL=http://... appears. However when you post your message, this is what you get! When it is clicked on, the video starts in a new Photobucket window. Cool eh?