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  • theraven
    Junior Member
    • Mar 2010
    • 15

    rc seaview

    hi all
    can anybody supply me with info
    on how to fit control linkages to a rc seaview i am doin?
    rudders no prob
    just linkakes pref on 1 control rod
    many thx
  • chips
    • Feb 2003
    • 493

    Re: rc seaview

    Best thing is to use two servos for the dive planes. First servo is connected to the stern and bow (in the forward wing) planes - these are used for pitch control. Second servo controls the sail planes for depth control. The stern and bow planes move in oppositte directions - bow planes move up, stern planes move down. For the Moebius SEAVIEW, I used 36" long brass rods to make up the bow plane linkage. These are connected to the stern plane linkage with some Dubro or Great Planes wheel collares (be sure to replace the mild steel set screws with stainless).