DIY Piston Tank Controller with an Arduino Board

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  • IdefixRC
    Junior Member
    • Apr 2017
    • 42

    Awesome. Thanks for posting the update !!


    • David F
      SubCommittee Member
      • Jan 2016
      • 60

      Welcome back, Eric! The Arduino software based on your work has been successfully in use in my subs for about a year now. I would suggest using a genuine Arduino for reliability. (I have had problems with cheap clones). My Github site has my updated software.

      Ivan, I don't want to curb your enthusiasm but making your own piston tank for a first model may be a lot to take on. You will, I think, need a lathe to make a piston tank. And yes one of the advantages is that you can custom build a tank for the model. I have made about 4!

      Some different construction ideas over here:
      piston Can you help me figure out how to build a piston tank? what or how do you make a spindle nut? and how does this connect to the motor? I notice that it i

      Also if you Google: submarine piston tanks lothar mentz

      You should find a very useful guide by Lothar on building tanks. (It is a pdf file so I can't post it here.)

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