New Website Launch - July 2022

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  • bob the builder
    Former SC President
    • Feb 2003
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    New Website Launch - July 2022

    We are happy to announce that the rollout of the new and upgraded SubCommittee website is underway. Transferring the settings will likely take a day or two, so the site may not immediately be available for viewing, but will gradually roll out depending on your local DNS servers and your location.

    We welcome your input regarding the layout and features. Do please bear in mind that the site, like the forums, will be an ongoing work in progress. We decided that we needed to create a starting point in order to put something in front of you.

    The biggest advantage of the new site is the membership administration. We can now handle membership enrollment and renewal exponentially better than we could previously, create communication paths, newsletters and much more.

    Once the site rolls out, please feel free to leave comments here regarding your thoughts and suggestions.

    Thanks, everyone, for your patience.

    Bob Martin
    President SubCommittee

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